Why Teak Wood Is Better Option for Outdoor Use

Patio or garden furniture is specially designed for outdoor use so that it is not spoiled due to heat or water. Wood is hardly used for garden furniture because it is vulnerable to bad weather conditions. Most common materials for garden or patio furniture are wood, aluminum, plastic or wrought iron.  Cane or some other acrylic materials are also good for garden furniture. But garden and patio furniture are a trend in UK and some aristocrat families use highly expansive teak wood furniture for this purpose. Patio has bit more protection compared to an open garden because most patio decks are either covered or shaded. This offers some protection when you are using teak garden bench .

teak garden bench

Why wood furniture is not recommended for open

Wood, although a natural material, has risk of exposure certain elements such as fungal attack, water, heat, and other elements in the open environment due to which it loses its real look. Outdoor wooden needs lot of maintenance and regular treatment to keep it safe. It adds costs for upkeep and moreover, its life is reduced. The better option is to avoid wooden furniture for open places, like garden and patio and it is not recommended at all. Still, some people have craze for wooden furniture and this trend is prevalent in the country like UK. If you like outdoor wooden furniture, then teak wood is probably better compared to other type of wood, although it costs much more than other types of wood.

Why teak wood is good for outdoor furniture

Teak wood has an advantage because it has tough nature and naturally contains silica due to which it becomes resistant to many elements and doesn’t distort, rot, or swell by the effect of water or by some other chemicals. Teak wood is acid, alkali and fire resistant. Additionally, it will not decay by a fungal attack. Even if it has lost its real look but will attain a silvery glow due to which it will still looks marvelous.