Philadelphia 3.0 – Get Mad, Then Get Elected

The Philadelphia Political condition haven’t experience any changes in the last four decades. There are two progressive parties that are ruling the city without any major changes which are increasing the cost of living by 30% while comparing to other neighboring cities. Especially the Food, Transportation, Health sectors are most impacted, and it greatly influences the regular lifestyle of their residents besides facing multiple challenges.

City Peopledeliberately looking for a change in Politics in Philadelphia

Residents of Philadelphia are tired with the current political structure and deliberately wants a change to bring improvement to the city. The two-year-old Philadelphia 3.0 non-profit organization which is looking for the new voiceswhocan change the dynamics of Philadelphia and make the changes to the city. In 2015 Philadelphia city election, they changed the dynamics of politicsbyengaging the new audience who are self-reliant candidates in politics against the long-standing incumbents and they managed to win 3 out of 6 backed.

philadelphia 3.0

Changing the Political Rhythm “Get Mad, Then Get Elected”

The Philadelphia 3.0 has organized an event named called “Get Mad, then Get Elected”. This program is mainly for the people who are disappointed with the election results against underperforming leaders and who want to get involved in local politics. This program enables the people who are hungry for the Philadelphia political change to step forward and do a better job by representing in the Philadelphia in WC and the City Hall against the leaders who are currently in power ruling the city.

Summing it up

People who work with the Philadelphia 3.0 organization are the individuals who are mostly disgusted with the current politics in extreme conditions, and would like to make a change at the minimum level. The organization mainly use the funds during the election period to endorse the right council candidates and attaching the other politicians.