People Choose Whizzinator for a Safe Way to Pass a Drug Test

Many people like to have a lifestyle which involves smoking weed a few times but always has to worry about workplace drug test. People constantly find the ways to make the result to be negative when tested. They don’t want their fun at a few parties to cost them their jobs. Thus they use the whizzinator when the time arises.

What is Whizzinator?

It refers to a kit which includes a few items along with a fake penis. This product is a boon for those people who want to let themselves lose at certain times in their life. Other than the false penis, the kit contains four heating bags or pads, a bottle which carries synthetic urine and a syringe.


From the bottle, urine is poured into the bags by using the syringe. The heating pads help in keeping the urine at a specific temperature. From the bags, it flows to the fake penis which empties it into a cup. The synthetic urine has all the qualities which a regular urine posses. This makes whizzinator the best product on the market.

Why People Choose this Product?

People choose this product for various reasons. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • All products which are sold holds a guarantee. Unless a person gets caught using it, he will pass the drug test with flying colours
  • When delivered it is packaged discreetly so that only the person ordering it knows about it and keep his lifestyle private
  • If there is any problem with the product or any question arises one can quickly call the customer support and get it sorted
  • Fast delivery option which makes the product reach the customer timely

All these along with the efficiency, makes people choose whizzinator over any other product. It is the way through which one can pass a drug test.