Moti Ferder Awes Lugano Diamond Fans with Chameleon Color Changing Diamond

Lugano diamond chameleon ring has made its debut way back in 2016 and this is considered as one of the rare diamond rings in the world. The diamond ring is enhanced with the two cart of the pink diamond. The pink diamond has been set in the rose gold and has been attracting many customers.

The founder of Lugano diamond Moti Ferder has stated that the diamond is considered as one of the proud additions to their impressive set. The colors have been set as remarkable and have impressed all.

The chameleon diamond would change their color from olive green to deep brown or deep yellow color when the diamond is exposed to right temperature.

Chameleon diamonds are always found to change their colors when the right temperature is applied and they are always sought by connoisseurs of diamonds.

Understand Moti Ferder and Lugano diamonds

The company was established in Israel and they had started as diamond cutters. The first retail location was opened in 2005 at California Newport beach.

The design director and president of Lugano diamonds Moti Ferder have been responsible in sharing his vast knowledge in the diamond industry and helped the company to transform itself into a real international jeweler brand.

The creative designs of Moti helped the brand to position itself as one of the creative brands of the world and the salons are the testament of the brand appeal like exceptional warm and having an inviting nature.

The brand has been developing thanks to the unique style of functioning. The company has been able to control from the origin to design factors and a strong customer oriented production has helped the company to grow.

The unique designs can be found by visiting the salons and the company has been honored. In the year 2013, the company has been honored with the Best of the Best award by Robb Report when Lugano diamond used  Zirconium in jewelry.