Is it fair to Buy Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the newest way of advertising and a lot of companies and brands are using the technique in order to allure the huge amount of population that are daily using one or the other form of social media.

Social Media forums like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube have millions of daily users that are connected to the same with their smart phones and other connecting devices. Let’s dig more in whether it is right to buy such marketing and how much impact does this marketing have.

Buying of Social Media Marketing :

Buying of social media marketing has become a short cut to instant marketing among larger amount of people on the social media. This is a new business where followers, likes and views are sold which can help one in establishing a business on the social media platform.

A new business is bound to have lesser number of followers on the social media platform. In order to get out of this unknowingness, one uses the services of sites like, which sells followers, likes and shares in order to circulate the advertisements to a larger mass of users. And these more followed accounts have a better chance of being followed than those with significantly lesser amount of followers.

Fairness of buysocialmediamarketing!

It won’t be wrong to say that such strategy of buying social media marketing isn’t the fairest means of marketing. When a genuine follower encounters a business brand on a social media forum with a large amount of followers, it is understood that the business is a big one as a large number of people are following it.

These users are unaware of practices like buying of social media marketing and believe these followers as genuine. In addition to these, the forums like Facebook, twitter, Instagrametc, don’t have any particular rules regarding these kinds of practices but one may understand if they started taking actions like suspending such accounts where the followers and likes had been paid.