How to Choose the Right Hair Extension

Choosing the right kind of hair extension will save you from lots of hassle later on. Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions Australia not only provides the premium hair extension service but there aftercare is also world-renowned.

Here is the list which needs to be checked before opting for hair extension:

Long term/Short term:

If you are looking for a long-term hair extension then opt for natural hair or human hair or Remy’s hair. They are easier to maintain and a longer run they are budget friendly. Cold/hot fusion, sew-in, tape-in, micro-link lasts longer. With proper maintenance, the extension can last up to six months.  For a short-term, you can opt for synthetic hair and try the clip-in or flip-in. the good part is that you can use this yourself but might have to remove it before sleeping. Hot and cold fusion is for long-term but they might damage after two to three month of continuous use.

Choosing the right colour:

To look as natural as possible the colour of the hair extension is very important. In EH Hair & Extensions Gold Coast provides a wide variety of colour range. Try to choose a shade lighter than your hair colour; this will give a more natural look.

EH Hair & Extensions Gold Coast


Remy hair is the easiest to maintain as you can wash it like natural hair. Use a lot of moisturizers to keep the hair soft. Almost all kinds of hair extension need adequate maintenance. But clip-ins requires more maintenance than the others. Over styling has to be avoided in all type of hair extensions.

Hair quality:

Opt for tape-in if you have thin hair. If you are willing to take the stress of the braiding then sew-in is for you.


Remy hair is costliest amongst any other hair type but on a long run this turn out to be cost-effective. Clip-in and tape-in are more budget-friendlier then hot/cold fusion, Micro-link.