Finding Nemo, a Disney Studio Presentation


A big chunk of happy memories from our childhood would not even exist if there was no Walt Disney. With his vivid imagination, Walt brought some of the best fictional characters of all time to life with his great stories and production house. It would be tough to decide the best of this characters or movies but one can undoubtedly put Finding Nemo among the best movies that we have ever received from the Disney Studios. A phenomenal story, set under water with talking sea creatures. There’s a lot that you should know about the movie, so we have covered the synopsis of the story for you.

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The story is about a widowed father who has a son named Nemo who slightly disabled. Just to clear it out all the characters in the movie are fishes or other sea animals. Nemo has a slight disability with his left fin and so he feels insecure at times. However the father son shares immense love between each other. However, one unfortunate day Nemo is being fished out by a doctor with an aquarium and prefers having the best aquarium filter. As Nemo gets lost, his father embarks upon a journey of finding him through the great ocean and meets a companion named Dory in the process. With many difficulties and treacherous adventures, they reach to the place where Nemo is.

On the other hand, the doctor wants to clean the aquarium one fine day to install the best fish tank filter. This activity of installing the best filter for aquarium for the fishes turns out to be an escaping opportunity for Nemo and so he plans a heist and successfully executes it with the help of other fish in the aquarium. It end Nemo meets his father and continue on a happier life. for more information visit the website