Did you know about these road rules in Canada?

There are a lot of traffic laws that might drive you crazy but these laws are made to maintain the safety of the civilians. If you like to violate the traffic rules laid by the government you will have to pay a huge fine and have to bear the consequences as well. You may end up fighting a case of traffic ticket.

A lot of rules are made mandatory in order to avoid accidents and there is a zero tolerance in this country for illegal driving and you need to be sure to have lawyers for tickets.

Did you know that on Canadian roads you’re not supposed to ride a horse on the highway with great speed, it is not applicable to just horses, be it any animals; you are not supposed to exceed a certain limit of speed on the highways.

traffic ticket

If you are someone who is on a spree to save fuel while you drive down a hill, then the roads of Ontario are not meant for you.You need to ensure that the car is in speed as set by the traffic cops and you should never put the car in neutral else, this can be a serious offence and may lead to contester une infraction.

Taking a reverse on the roads may cause disturbance to other drivers hence, there is a law which does not allow the car to be taken reverse on the roads.

One good thing that you can do on the roads of this country is that when  signal light turns red, you may take a right turn which may not happen in most of the countries but, this seems to be an exceptional case here.

The rules may be stranger but you should know that every country has their own set of rules and so does this country as well.