Bundesliga – An Exciting German Football League to Follow

The Bundesliga is a professional German football league also known as fußball-bundesglia. This league is known for a huge number of attendances in a stadium in the entire world and is one of the main football championships in Germany.

54 clubs in Germany play in this league. The most winning title of this championship goes to the club Bayern Munich. This club has won the championship for 26 times. The Bundesliga was founded in Dortmund in 1962 and the league started a year later. Since then the structure of the league got changed a lot.

The Divisions in Bundesliga:

The league has two divisions. The first one is the first prefix and the second one is the second one is the second Bundesliga. The second one started in 1974 and recently at 2008 there is a third league. But sometimes the third league is not officially a part of the league.


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How the league works:

The way this league works is very strict. Each club plays all the other clubs once at home and once away from home. That is the basic principle of the league. With one victory one team gains two points for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss. But the rules changed from 1995-96, now each winning team gains three points after a win, draw is still one and loss is none. The club team with the most point wins the league and become the champion.

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