3 Whatsapp Know-How to help you in the Long Run

Everyone must have had whatsapp downloaded by now in their smart phones. It’s a unique messaging service which allows you stay in touch with your friends and family. You can download whatsapp new from the playstore for free. If you don’t know how to download whatsapp, there are many tutorials available online which can help you with the same.

  1. Custom Notifications.

You can selectively choose which or whose notifications to receive on your whatsapp. Although this feature is applicable to only group chats, these are the kind of chats that often require custom notifications to work with. You can simply tap and hold on the group chat you want to have custom notifications for and select the “Custom notifications” option from the popup menu.

whatapp download

  1. Chat Backups.

It is possible that not everyone uses this IM service for personal purposes. Some of you might be using to conduct your business remotely, or stay in touch with your business associates. Hence, the matters discussed might be of high value to you. In this case, you are advised to regularly backup your chats so that you do not lose them in the event of an unfortunate incident like your phone dying.

  1. Choosing Media allowance.

You can customize what media type you want to save and how much data you want to spend on this IM service. Whatsapp allows its users to select which type of connection to use the said media files and also the frequency at which you want to download it. You can choose to automatically download the files or set it on manual so that you get to choose which files to download.

These were some of the features that prove to be helpful when using whatsapp IM service. If you don’t know how to download whatsapp, you can use the internet to search for download and install free whatsapp instant messenger.